HDFC Bank Credit Cards: Compare Offers, Benefits, and Fees

HDFC Bank, one of India’s leading banks, offers a diverse selection of credit cards tailored to meet various needs and budgets. Whether you seek excellent rewards, travel benefits, or low fees, HDFC Bank has the ideal credit card for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will compare the offers, benefits, and fees of HDFC Bank’s most popular credit cards, providing valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Compare HDFC Bank’s Popular Credit Cards

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit

Explore the exclusive benefits of the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card, including worldwide airport lounge access, priority pass, and travel insurance. Earn 4 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent. Get the first-year annual fee waiver.


Discover the rewards and benefits of the HDFC Bank INFINIA Credit Card. Earn 4 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent, and enjoy a welcome bonus of 10,000 Reward Points. Redeem points for airfare, hotel stays, and merchandise. Avail the first-year annual fee waiver.

HDFC BANK Platinum Times Credit Card

The HDFC Bank Platinum Times Credit Card, in collaboration with Times Network, offers a welcome bonus of 5,000 Reward Points. Earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs. 150 spent and enjoy discounts on movies, shopping, and dining. First-year annual fee waiver available.

HDFC BANK InterMiles Platinum Credit Card

Designed for avid travelers, the InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum Credit Card earns you 1 InterMile for every Rs. 150 spent. Benefit from a welcome bonus of 10,000 InterMiles, which can be redeemed for flights, hotels, and other travel rewards. First-year annual fee waiver included.

Choosing the Best HDFC Bank Credit Card

How to Choose the Best HDFC Bank Credit Card

Selecting the right HDFC Bank credit card depends on your unique requirements and spending patterns. Consider the following factors to make an informed choice:

  1. Rewards: Evaluate the reward structure to determine how many rewards you earn for every Rs. 150 spent. Explore the range of rewards available for point redemption.
  2. Benefits: Assess the card’s additional benefits, such as airport lounge access, travel insurance, and discounts on shopping and dining.
  3. Fees: Compare the annual fee, late payment fee, and other associated charges for each card.

With these factors in mind, compare the various HDFC Bank credit cards to find the one that suits you best.

Conclusion: HDFC Bank credit cards provide a diverse range of rewards, benefits, and fees. To choose the most suitable card for your needs, evaluate factors like rewards, benefits, and fees. Whether you opt for a premium card like the HDFC Bank Regalia or INFINIA Credit Card, or prefer a budget-friendly option like the Platinum Times or InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum Credit Card, ensure responsible card usage by making timely payments and avoiding interest charges. Selecting and utilizing the right HDFC Bank credit card can enhance your financial experience and contribute to building a strong credit history.

How to Apply for an HDFC Bank Credit Card

Applying for an HDFC Bank credit card is simple. You can conveniently apply online or visit any HDFC Bank branch. Provide essential information like your name, address, income details, PAN card number, and credit score. If your application is approved, your credit card will be delivered to you within a few weeks.

Using Your HDFC Bank Credit Card

When utilizing your HDFC Bank credit card, take advantage of the 50-day grace period for making payments. Within this period, you can pay off your balance without incurring interest charges. If you cannot pay the entire balance, interest will be levied on the outstanding amount, typically at an approximate rate of 18% per year.
To maintain financial well-being, it is crucial to use your credit card responsibly by paying off the balance in full every month. This practice not only avoids interest charges but also helps build a positive credit history.

Tips for Using Your HDFC Bank Credit Card Responsibly

Follow these valuable tips to make the most of your HDFC Bank credit card:
Spend within your means, ensuring you can pay off the balance in full each month.
Make timely and full payments to avoid interest charges.
Track your spending to avoid overspending.
Utilize your credit card for purchases that offer rewards, such as travel rewards or cashback.
Take advantage of introductory offers and promotions.
If facing payment difficulties, reach out to HDFC Bank for potential payment solutions.
By adopting these tips, you can use your HDFC Bank credit card wisely and reap its benefits.

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